Hawk's Photo Gallery

(May 2003) Here are some pre-MotuMotu aerial views of the Tiki islands, Cangrejo, Burojo, Jobaji, and Egypt. Most of these were taken during a forty two minute free fall after hoverpacking high into the sky.

New islands have been added since these pictures were taken, and the island of Jobaji has been entirely changed, to Hawk's regret. For a long time he had his PAZ on Jobaji, in a very beautiful harbor known by many as "Hawk's Harbor" until the harbor was eliminated in the redesign of the island.

(click on any picture to enlarge the picture and to read what they said0

Tiki and the new islands
That's Egypt at the bottom
Looking from the outer new islands
Tiki, the new islands, and Egypt
High in the sky
Tiki and Cangrejo
The new islands
Egypt from above
Tyr from above

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