Hawk's Photo Gallery
Late one night in May 2003, Mignon and Swen_Wu_Kong took Freia, Yobita, and me on a tour of a few favorite places. The following screenshots are from that night. Thanks, Swen_Wu_Kong and Mignon! (click on any photograph to enlarge it)
At the beginning of our explorations: (left to right) Freia, Yobita, Swen_Wu_Kong, and Mignon. I am out of sight, behind the camera as usual.
Mignon and Swen_Wu_Kong by firelight in Monkey Crater.
Swen_Wu_Kong and Mignon by firelight in Monkey Crater
Inside the crystal at the top of Tyr Tower. (left to right in the circle in the center) Freia, Hawk, Swen_Wu_Kong, and Mignon. Yobita is in the background. The_Shy_One and Chilly at the far left just happened to be there when we visited.
Inside the crystal at the top of Tyr Tower. Hawk: a self portrait (thanks to Mignon for the POV suggestion!)
Inside the crystal at the top of Tyr Tower. (left to right) Swen_Wu_Kong, Hawk, and Freia.
Outside Tyr Tower. (left to right) Mignon, Yobita, and Freia.
Mignon and Freia outside Tyr Tower.
Swen_Wu_Kong demonstrates some strange behavior of gravity in There's North Polar Region..
Swen_Wu_Kong in There's South Polar Region..
Freai and Swen_Wu_Kong in There's South Polar Region..
Taken from very high above There: the blue of There's oceans, and above that, the black void of space.
Freia (above) and Hawk skydiving from very high in the atmosphere. Below Hawk, you can see the very tiny Tiki and new islands of There. The very tiny white dot below them is Egypt..














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