Hawk's Photo Gallery

(May 2003)
I've visited Freddie's Hoverboard Museum several times; every time I find myself drawn back to the exotic Squid Freeloader hoverboard, always wondering how it handles, and above all wishing I could photograph it in action.

I got my opportunity when Illig found an abandoned Squid on TWL Island, and let me use it for some photographs. Of course, I couldn't resist taking it to the Boneyard. Unforunately, my borrowed Squid Freeloader vanished from My Things before I could finish testing it out, but not before I got some good shots.

One thing is for certain about the Squid Freeloader: you WILL be noticed when you ride this board! For more information, visit the Squid Freeloader website.

The following are some shots of "Squiddie" in action. The first two shots feature Illig on the board.

(click on any picture to enlarge it)
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030517091 030517102 030517112 030517143
030517237 030517315A 030517341 030517345

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