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Visible through the water's surface in certain parts of our Therian seas are intriguing underwater structures, in places looking much like the high bridges of Tyr. Is this an ancient, undersea civilization, just waiting to be discovered? The prosaic modern fact is that these may be nothing more than features added by There to provide some ambience to our aquatic experience.

For avatars with imagination, however, these are not just underwater images, but stories crying out to be told, tales of ancient heroes and legends of vanished civilizations. (May 2003)

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This is what one part of it looks like from the air. This is only a small portion of what appears to be a very long underwater structure.
Descending closer to it, it definitely doesn't look like a natural occurrence.
The closer we get, the the more it appears that this structure was constructed by intelligent beings. What is the underwater "island" on the upper right?

Looking from the opposite direction back towards where the previous shot was taken. The "island" is now on the left, and can be seen to have a geometic structure..

This is the underwater "island" viewed from above.

With the underwater "island" on our left, we take a closer look at the roadway that appears to run along an ancient seawall.

Further down the seawall, we find more underwater geometric structures. All of them are on the land side of the seawall.

Descending, we look more closely at the seawall corner in the previous shot.

Nearby, we see what appears to be an underwater structure.

All along the seawall there are dark patterns in the water above it. What are they hiding?

Standing on the water, taking a closer look at the patterns in the water.









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